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2021 Hatching Dates

List updated regularly

Please send us a message to request availability, or to be added to our waiting list for a specific breed.

Aylesbury ducklings

15th May 2022

Available from a day old

Call ducklings

23rd May 2022

Ducklings available from a day old

Available in WHITE only

Ducklings hold the crested gene

Cayuga ducklings

23rd May 2022

Available from a day old

Sebastopol goslings

29th May 2022      SOLD OUT

Goslings available from a day old

Ancona ducklings

6th June 2022          

Ducklings available from a day old

Aylesbury ducklings        

6th June 2022

Available from a day old



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About Knight Hatchery

Knight Hatchery is an family run business, located in Chichester, West Sussex. Specialising in the hatching of quails, chickens and ducks. With a proud average hatch rate of 75%, this is credited to the quality of care provided to each individual new-born. Unlike other industrial style hatcheries, we provide pet quality animals. Any animals deemed as imperfect, are available for adoption.
We offer a large range of poultry products at competitive prices, everything you need to raise your hatchlings can be found in our store, plus much more! Collection and delivery available.