15L Automatic Chicken Drinker


Price: £48.99

15L Automatic Chicken Drinker

    • Water Flows Automatically: Chicken drinker has drinking cups that automatically refill without the need for your chickens to peck any tabs. This means the cups are always full of water.


    • 100% No Leak: Each waterer cup is fitted with a float regulator so there are no leaks or drips. This reduces wasted water and keeps the coop dry.


    • Large 15L Capacity: Chicken water dispenser holds over 15 litres of water which means your chickens will have a constant supply of fresh water without needing to refill it every day.


    • Simple and Easy to Refill: The poultry drinker comes with a tight weatherproof lid which gives access to the top of the drinker for easy refilling.


    • Clean and Fresh Water: Drinker cups are above ground level so they prevent your chickens from messing and soiling the water.