3 pcs - Fruit vegetable skewer hanging feeders


Price: £11.49 (3pcs)

3 pcs - Fruit Vegetable Skewer Hanging Feeders

    • You will receive 3 pieces hanging fruit feeder toy for family pets. There are enough for your daily use and replacement, which is a handy hen feeding tool!


    • The chicken veggies fork with chain is made of stainless steel, anti-rust, sturdy and durable. The stick full length 7.87inches, and the chain is about 11.81inches long. It has plenty of room for puting food, so you can provide a hearty lunch for hens, pet chickens!


    • Our chicken and vegetable feeder is designed as a skewer pole with hanging chains and hooks to easily hang in the coop. The hanging design prevents chickens from stepping on food and keeps vegetables and fruit clean and fresh. A flock of chickens gather around the hanging cabbage, vying to peck at it and entertain themselves.


    • The fruit skewer hanging feeder is very convenient to use, just unscrew the bottom screws, pierce vegetables and fruits into the stick, then tighten the screws and hang the vegetable fork in the proper place. And, adding shredding paper and bell block toys to provide more fun.


    • Not only do the Chicken Food Holder Toys stimulate natural foraging, gathering and fighting behaviors, they also provide an avenue of entertainment for chickens to blow off steam and relieve stress. Suitable for all chickens and birds.