Apricot Corduroy Cuddly Plush Duck - 8.5"


Price: £14.99

Apricot Corduroy Cuddly Plush Duck - 8.5"

  • Item dimensions: 25.4 x 17.78 x 12.7 cm

    Perfect Size : The lovable plush measures 12 Inches, which is a huggable and perfect size for kids' hugging and decoration, and it is very convenient to take away when camping and outgoing.

    Premium Material : 100% Polyester,Delicately stuffed, made with soft and fluffy premium materials.

    Easy to Clean :When the fancy animal gets dirty, you can just brush it gently with a little water, and then dry it in the sun. Soon, it will become beautiful again. For the toy's sake, please do not wash it in the machine. If you have to, please ask the machine to run slowly and use warm water.

    Suitable for : AGES 3 AND UP - the plush will be a good choice. It doesn't only has cute image, but also has the power to cultivate the kids' sensory awareness