Buff Orpington




Available from a day old


Prices per chick:

  • Up to 1 week of age: £10
  • 1 - 6 weeks of age: £15

Buff Orpington

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  • The Orpington chicken is a good all-purpose utility chicken, providing both eggs and meat, but it is frequently bred for show.


    The Orpington is a friendly breed that also makes a good outdoor pet for families, schools, or clubs.


    Mature Orpingtons are large, heavy birds, weighing in at 7 to 8 pounds.


    Orpingtons are big, gentle birds that respond well to attention. They are non-aggressive and enjoy handling, making them a good bird for families. Because they are passive birds, they do not do well in mixed flocks that include aggressive breeds, such as the Rhode Island Reds. Orpingtons are relatively quiet birds that do well in city or suburban environments. They are great with kids, making them a good choice for projects or schools.


    Hens brood easily and make good mothers. A small flock of Orpingtons can easily be maintained over a long period. Roosters of the species are unusually gentle.


    Orpingtons are also very cold-hardy and lay well through frigid winters and dark, short days.


    An Orpington hen lays 200 to 280 large brown eggs per year.