Empty Refillable Spray Bottles - Pack of 2 - 500ml


Price: £7.99

Empty Refillable Spray Bottles 2pcs - 500ml

  • 2 pieces - (blue,pink)


    • Elaborate design: Adjustable nozzle, adjustable spray and water spray, strong sealing and not easy to drip; easy to disassemble and easy to clean


    • Easy to use: Lightweight design, the bottle body is only 55g, the water volume is 500ml, light and easy to carry, the ergonomic hand-pressing handle, comfortable and labor-saving


    • Exquisite appearance: The shape is simple and beautiful, the pink and blue candy color is jumping and coordinated, the high-value shell, non-slip base, standing more stable, is a good home decoration


    • High-quality materials: Made of high-quality PP plastic, BPA-free, environmentally friendly, healthy and odor-free, strict technology to prevent leakage, thickened shell is more solid and durable, and can be reused