Extra Select Red Mite Powder Bucket - 2kg


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Extra Select Red Mite Powder Bucket - 2kg

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    • Extra Select Red Mite Powder is a 100% Natural Treatment for Red Mite.


    • Pesticide Free, stain free and harmless to animals and birds.


    • Diatomaceous Earth is a poultry keepers best friend. Its used to prevent all manner of poultry ailments including intestinal worms, mice and lice. It is safe and non-toxic.


    • Diatomaceous Earth is an abrasive fine white powder made of tiny fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of algae.


    • Ours is food grade so its safe for your pet chickens and safe for you to eat their eggs.

    Directions: To help prevent mites or lice, sprinkle some in the nest boxes, coop bedding and especially in your chickens dust bathing area. To treat a current infestation in your flock, apple it directly to your birds, especially beneath their wings and around their vents. As a preventative, add up to 500g of DE powder to 20kg of feed.