Feathers & Beaky - Top-Fill Drinker with Anti-Tip Feature


Price: £24.49

Feathers & Beaky - Top-Fill Chicken Drinker with Anti-Tip Feature


    • TOP-FILL CHICKEN DRINKER - It is important that chickens keep hydrated too! Topping up your chickens' water is now so easy, and drip free!


    • DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Simply take the lid off and fill from the top and fill up with water. No turning it upside down and getting covered with water.


    • ANTI-TIP - It has a removable top where you can pour in the water, height adjustable legs, anti perch rain shield and an anti-tip design to reduce wastage.


    • 2 LITRES - The Feathers & Beaky Chicken Drinker can fit up to 2 litres of water at one time.


    • DURABLE - Robust and durable design