Large peck block.


Suitable for all quails and chickens.




All peck blocks are made in a safe and sanitary environment.


Each block typically weighs between 900g-1kg.


Benefits include:

Nutritional support, digestive support and occupational therapy for poultry.

Prevents boredom and feather pecking.

Inexpensive treat, your quails and chickens will love it!


Each block is individually wrapped to prolong shelf life - please keep in a cool, dry area.


All blocks are freshly made to order.



Collection - £6

Delivered - £9

Large Flock Peck Block - 1kg

  • Ingredients:

    Mixed Corn (Wheat, Cut Maize, Soya Oil)

    Super Layer Pellets (16% protein pellet, supplemented with vitamins and minerals)

    Rolled Oats (100% wholegrain oats)

    Seeds (Cereals, Hi-energy suet pellets, Black Sunflower Seeds)

    Crushed Oyster Shells

    Plain Flour

    Eggs (quail, chicken, duck - varies depending on availability) most blocks contain a mixture of quail & chicken eggs, this includes the shells for added calcium