Light Sussex


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Prices per chick:

  • Up to 1 week of age: £10
  • 1 - 6 weeks of age: £15

Light Sussex

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  • Sussex chicken are active, calm and friendly in behavior. They are good foragers, good mothers, and often show broodiness.


    This breed typically weighs between 2.8kg - 4kg once fully grown.


    All the varieties of Sussex are in single comb the comb is vertically upright in position, which is red in color with five to six number of the tip. the size of the comb varies with variety.


    The bread is heavy or soft feather. Breast is full broad or deep.

    Beak is strong, curved and yellow in color. Eye color is red.

    The shanks have no feathers. The skin or shanks color is white. The tail is well spread with an inclination of 45º.


    The breed is dual purpose raised for both meat and egg. They lay a large brown colour egg at approximately 200-220 eggs per year.