Maxwell & Williams Chicken Design Mug


Price: £12.50

Maxwell & Williams Chicken Design Mug

    • LOVE HEARTS BY DONNA SHARAM: casts of charming creatures bask in kaleidoscopic colour, bringing big smiles and playfulness to your home


    • INSPIRED BY IMAGINATION: kooky hens and a chirpy chick contest in a jubilant dance-off competition in 'Chicken Dance'


    • A HOT DRINK WITH A SMILE: let the quirkiness of this animal mug bring a big grin to your face as you renew with your favourite brew


    • STRONG STUFF: it's made of durable porcelain, so it's a great choice for everyday cuppas; it's also microwave and dishwasher safe


    • SHARE THE LOVE: packed in a gift box, it makes a super gift for a loved one, and can be mixed and matched with other Love Hearts items