Roosty's Chicken Washable Nesting Pads - Pack of 6

Price: £39.99

Roosty's Chicken Washable Nesting Pads - Pack of 6

    • ✓ EASY CLEANING | No smell or damp will live in your chicken coop as the 6 nesting box mats are breathable and waterproof. Simply collect the intact eggs, shake the nest pad off and replace in the hen nesting boxes. For deep cleaning hose down.


    • ✓ NO MORE BROKEN EGGS | With flexible plastic chicken bedding to cushion the fall, your girls can do their egg laying without you having to worry about breakages. The holes in the nesting mats also allow droppings to fall through, meaning a cleaner, healthier coop. The perfect chicken accessories.


    • ✓ DURABLE & SCRATCH PROOF | The nesting box mats are made from strong poly that's built to be CHICKEN PROOF. No more clearing straw and hay strewn around the coop, the mat will be long lasting. If you like your ladies to have a scratch around, add fresh pine shavings on top.


    • ✓ COMPATIBLE WITH ALL COOPS & CHICKEN HOUSES | Measuring 12x13 inches, the nesting pads for hens will fit nesting boxes in small chicken coops & large chicken coops. If your chicken nesting boxes are on the smaller side, simply cut the nest pads material to suit.


    • ✓ KEEP YOUR GIRLS LAYING HAPPY | Most hens take to them right away, but if they don't we suggest adding pine shavings until they are regularly laying eggs. With far less dirt able to build and far more eggs surviving, the egg laying mats are ultimately safer, cleaner and more economical for you and your ladies. The pads also resist critters far better than hay, straw or grass bedding. We also include our 'How To Raise Happy, Healthy Hens' Ebook to help new owners.