Silver Appleyard 


Available from a day old




Price per duckling:

  • Up to 1 week of age: £15
  • 1 - 3 weeks of age: £20
  • 3+ weeks of age: £25


Local delivery available - please contact us for a quote.




Silver Appleyard

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  • Weight: approx 3-4kg


    Size: Heavy class


    Colour: The duck is yellow or orange bill with a black "bean". Plumage is whitish with markings in various shades of brown and grey. Her legs are yellow or orange with dark toenails and she, like the drake, also has wings marked with a blue cross-stripe.


    Large, sturdily built duck with prominent breast


    Life Expectancy: 4-8 years (up to 12 years, if properly cared)


    Temperament: calm & peaceful, like to forage


    Noise level: Loud


    Egg production: Large in size, 200-260 per year, good mothers


    Egg colour: White