Verm-X Original Poultry Pellets for all poultry 



250g -   £14

750g-   £28

Verm-X Original Poultry Pellets

    • A premium, 100% natural supplement. Made in the UK, these pellets for all poultry are a blend of natural herbs and a prebiotic to boost the quality of your poultry's gut biome.


    • Unlike one-off chemical tablets Verm-X is a powerful herbal formulation that works continuously to help build a healthy gut environment. This helps to manage intestinal hygiene.


    • Feed this healthy supplement as directed. Irresistibly tasty and highly palatable. Samples available. Suitable for chicks and chickens with sensitive stomachs.


    • Worm count tests: We recommend a  worm count test is taken at the start of treatment and a subsequent worm count test after 21 days.