Wooden Quail Egg Holder Tray - Beech


Price: £23.75

Wooden Quail Egg Holder Tray - Beech

    • USE ANYWHERE - You can put the egg holder tray in your refrigerator or display it on the kitchen counter. It can be used as a cutting board and can be turned upside down to put snacks.


    • EASY TO CLEAN - The egg holder tray is made out of Beechwood and is coated in wax to protect the wood and leave a smooth finish. It can be easily washed under running water.


    • WELCOME - A better way of storing 18 eggs. It can store or display Quail eggs, small chocolates, small fruits etc...


    • DIMENSIONS - The tray is 11.8” in length, 5.9” in width, 0.7” in height and 460 grams and fitting Quail 18 eggs.


    • EASY TO CARRY AND PICK UP FROM - The handles on the sides allow the tray to be carried easily. The holes are deep enough to keep the eggs inside but it is also easy to pick up from.


    • AESTHETICS - The rustic appearance of the wood creates a natural look that compliments its environment. It looks good in any environment either to store or display. The beechwood used is strong and tough. The wood is covered in wax.


    • CAUTIONS - If anything is spilt on to it, the tray can easily be cleaned under running water. For long term use, make sure to dry it. It is NOT dishwasher safe and shouldn’t be immersed in water.