About Us and General Information

Knight Hatchery is an family run business, located on the South Coast in Chichester, West Sussex. Specialising in the hatching of quails, chickens and ducks. With a proud average survival rate of 99%, this is credited to the quality of care provided to each individual new-born.

Each individual hatchling has a daily health check and handling session, this helps us to provide much friendlier babies. We aim to supply pet quality animals, unlike those supplied by large industrial style hatcheries.

This also helps us to accommodate our customers looking to buy animals for children to raise.

All animals are kept indoors, in large brooders with good quality bedding.

Hatchlings that exceed 2 days+ in age, are feed a high quality, non-medicated starter crumb, with ducklings also being fed a small amount of brewers yeast supplement to promote healthy growth. 

Ducklings that exceed 3 days+ in age will also have begun to learn how to swim.

We supply a wide range of poultry items, supplies and equipment, including gifts, all available to purchase alongside your order. We use exactly the same products in the Hatchery as we sell in our store, as we believe these are of the highest quality.

Professional incubators and electric mother hens used.

We DO NOT SELL lone/single chicks or ducklings. A MINIMUM OF A PAIR must be purchased (Chickens & Ducks) and A MINIMUM OF X3 (Quail) - This excludes adult quail, which can be purchased individually upon request.

This is for the animals welfare. Quails, chickens, ducks and geese are social animals that strive in flocks and need others to be completely happy. Lone animals are exceptionally more prone to stress and this often causes animals to die earlier than their counterparts who have others to keep them company.

Please remember - Survival is different to happiness 🐥

Some customers prefer to provide us with eggs themselves, and this can be a cheaper option especially if you already own poultry. Please be aware that we DO NOT take ANY responsibility of fertility or hatch rate when this option is chosen. This service is available upon request and must be booked, this is to ensure we have space in the incubators to accommodate your order - please contact us for rates and further details.

Our average cull rate is less than 1%. We accredit this to the quality or care we provide during incubation and after hatch.

We carry a strict policy regarding the culling of our damaged stock. This is strictly limited to birds with incurable infections and (or) diseases, certain deformities and clear pain and (or) suffering. We ensure that our animals are culled humanely and disposed of in a respectful manner.

We find homes for over 99% of our animals.

Any animal that is deemed as imperfect, is available for adoption. This includes hatchlings with certain deformities, disabilities, curable conditions and/or require extra care. Any animal that fails to be adopted, has a life long loving home here at the Hatchery.

Quail hatch duration is approximately 17 days.

Chicken hatch duration is approximately 21 days.

Duck hatch duration is approximately 28 days.
Goose hatch duration is approximately 35 days.