100% Pure Brewer's Yeast Powder


Feed supplement for ducklings & waterfowl


Adding some brewers yeast to your ducklings’ feed is beneficial to ducklings because it provides them added niacin, this helps to build strong legs and bones. A 2 percent ratio of brewers yeast to feed is recommended.


Price: £3 (per 100g bag)

Brewer's Yeast - 100g

    • Natural source of vitamins and amino acids, beneficial to all waterfowl. 
    • Brewers yeast helps to aid nutrient absorption and is a prebiotic to aid gut microbes, it also includes other benefits such as aiding in the prevention of leg problems. 
    • Highly palatable so may encourage fussy eaters to finish their feed. Brewers yeast has a combination of B vitamins and minerals that have been known to help with the nervous system, this may balance behaviours which could be linked to stress and anxiety.