Call Ducks


Available from a day old




Prices per duckling:

  • Up to 1 week of age: £20
  • 1 - 3 weeks of age: £25
  • 3+ weeks of age: £30


Local delivery available - please contact us for a quote.


Call Duck

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  • Weight: approx 600-800g


    Size: Small class


    Colour: Apricot, Bibbed, Black, Blue Fawn, Dark silver, Mallard, Pied, Silver and White (Please note: we do not stock all colour varieties)


    Life Expectancy: 4-8 years (potentially up 12 years, if properly cared)


    Temperament: easy going, easy to tame, like to be around people


    Noise level: Loud, talkative


    Egg production: Small-medium size, 50 eggs per year


    Egg colour: White