Comfort Square Heat Plate


Price: £46

Comfort Square Heat Plate

  • The comfort new innovative design heating plate for chicks

    Size 25x25cm for up to 20 chicks

    Low power consumption using ONLY 13 Watts

    1.The natural heating system for chicks simulates the natural heating system of the mother hen for healthier chicks

    -  Multipurpose. For different kinds of poultry and birds like chicken duck pheasant quail ect

    - The Brooder also only uses 13 Watts making it very cheap to use with high insulation saving upto 75% on the costs of heat lamps

    - Simple. It's simple to use height adjustment system

    - Safe. It has a double safety system by thermal and resistance fuse

    - The brooder can hold around 15-20 Chicks

    - The brooder can easily be adjusted to suit the chicks exact requirements by pushing the yellow quick release clips on the underside of the brooder