Japanese Quail - fertile hatching eggs


Eggs are guaranteed to be a maximum of 5 days old upon delivery, we ensure only the freshest eggs are sent.


Each egg is carefully wrapped prior to sending and will arrive in a sturdy polystyrene or plastic egg box. Please take the greatest of care when unwrapping your eggs.


Eggs provided are from our own breeding flock, and are exactly the same eggs that are hatched here at the Hatchery.


Parents of these eggs are of Italian colours, but will produce a variety of mixed coloured chicks.


The eggs are also perfectly good for eating, if not wanting to incubate them.


*In the event you believe to have received an infertile egg(s), please contact us, these will be replaced and/or refunded upon the return of the infertile eggs. This does not include eggs that have begun to form and later passed away during incubation, and also eggs that have loose air cells due to transit.*


Incubation advice can be given upon request, but please be aware that every incubator brand will be different, including the functions and settings.


We DO NOT recommend using cheap eBay/Amazon sourced machines (AKA Egg-Cookers), un-branded machines or home-made machines.


Japanese Coturnix Quail - Fertile Hatching Eggs

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