Runner ducklings


Available from a day old


Please enquire for available colour variants 


Ducklings under 6 weeks of age are unsexed


Price per duckling:

  • Up to 1 week of age: £15
  • 1 - 6 weeks of age: £20
  • 6+ weeks (MALE): £20
  • 6+ weeks (FEMALE): £25



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  • Weight: approx 1 - 3kg


    Size: Small class


    Colour: Fawn, white, black, buff, cumberland blue, penciled, grey, chocolate


    Upright posture with a bottle shape body


    Life Expectancy: approx 10 years


    Temperament: Skittish, can be snappy if spooked, excitable, waddle like a penguin and like to run.


    Don't need as much water to play in compared to other breeds


    Noise level: Moderate


    Egg production: large size, 180-300 per year, not likely to sit on eggs but good mothers


    Egg colour: white/green/blue