Snowflake Bobwhite


Available from 4 weeks of age


These will generally no longer require a heat source

- (with the possible exception, if purchasing throughout very cold winter months)




Prices per pair (1 x female & 1 x male):



Local delivery available - please contact us for a quote.

Snowflake Bobwhite

  • ✦ Length: 24-28 cm
    ✦ Weight: 130-170g
    ✦ Wingspan: 33-38 cm

    ✦ Clutch Size: 12-14 (up to 28) eggs
    ✦ Breeding: This species is quite prolific at producing offspring. A single bobwhite is capable of producing up to three clutches of eggs per year. This means that in a single year, a mother bobwhite might raise 25 babies or more!

    ✦ Breeding Season: Spring (May to July)
    ✦ Lifespan: 2-5 years